"Kim is in a class of her own! I have never experienced such a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation! I could not recommend her services enough!"

-Arianna, Binghamton, NY


"Kim is a gifted masseuse. Her approach to a general all body massage is different than any others! It is obvious that Kim loves her work. She has great knowledge of body mechanics and applies the two with great skill. When I have needed special attention on a particular part of my body, Kim knows how to work adjacent muscle groups to alleviate any discomfort. Kim really cares, and does her best for each client!

-Yvonne, Binghamton, NY


"I love that Kim uses essential oils on me during each massage. I love how the oils smell! My arms and hands fall asleep all the time and I cannot sleep! She fixes me everytime! I love the tea after each massage! 

-Theresa, Kirkwood, NY


"I had a concussion and ended up in the emergency room. The next day, my friend recommended I go see Kim hoping for some relief from the pain! She took her time getting to know my injury and did everything she could to help me. When I left I felt like a different person and have gone back since! She is Wonderful!"

-Melissa, Johnson City, NY


"I was extremely skeptical about a massage helping my back pain, but thanks to Kim, I am now a believer that massage works!"

-Ryan, Vestal, NY


"I started seeing Kim several years ago for sciatica pain. I felt like she was a miracle worker! My sciatica pain is long gone! I continue to see her to this day whenever I have an issue with anything. I am always amazed at her knowledge of the human body! I really enjoy talking to her! Not only does she always make me feel better; the pain disappears! I am happy that I have made a new friend! I also especially love driving home with that nice cup of hot green tea! Thank you for everything Kim!"

-Pat, Kirkwood, NY

I can NOT get a massage from anyone else anymore because no one compares to Kim! I had my first massage with Kim 6 years ago while I was pregnant with my son! She worked on me throughout the pregnancy, after it, and then while I was pregnant with my daughter. Kim even worked on me while I was in labor! I have severe pain in my shoulder, back and hips from a car accident I was in. She is the only person I see that helps the pain. Yesterday I was on day two of a terrible headache. She squeezed me in that night; by the time my massage was over, my headache was gone, as was the pain in my shoulder!! I LOVE when she uses essential oils during my massage;                     and her Hot Stone Massages are AMAZING! Kim is a lifesaver!

-Colleen, Vestal, NY


"Kim's expertise goes beyond the massage table. She is sensitive to all of her clients' needs. Kim is very thorough when she takes a history of what's been going on and she always treats me with respect. Each time Kim finishes my massage I wish I was coming back the next day-- it is truly a healing experience in all respects!

She's the best in the business!

-Mary Ann, Binghamton, NY


"I'm an extremely active guy. I play basketball, and do high jump in college. I drive home ever couple weeks for a massage because she takes the pain away!

-Michael, Delhi, NY


"I can't say enough good things about Kim as a massage therapist. Kim is a very kind and caring person. Her skills as a massage therapist are exceptional! I work out daily and she has helped me with pain, eliminating knots, relaxing and stretching. I always look forward to the next massage. She always asks if I would like a glass of water or hot tea on the way out and has it ready for me when I'm leaving. 

-Bill, Binghamton, NY